Asia-Pacific Integrated Facilities Management Market, Forecast to 2022
Cost Efficiency, Standardization, Long-term Partnerships and Technology Adoption are Key Trends
  • The Asia-Pacific integrated facilities management (IFM) market is witnessing stable growth, primarily supported by rapid growth and development of facilities management (FM) in developing markets, but offset by lower growth in mature markets. High construction activity and booming end-user sectors, coupled with the growing outsourcing culture and acceptance of higher-value IFM proposition among multinational companies (MNCs) and large corporations, are driving rapid growth of the IFM market in developing countries.

    In mature markets, the continuous demand for IFM via contract renewals and upcoming sectors adopting long-term partnerships with IFM providers are sustaining the market growth and demand. However, with the relatively low awareness among domestic end users, IFM market opportunities are limited to MNCs and large corporations and, to a certain extent, the public sector. The prevalence of single or bundled services as the preferred option among end users and service providers is deterring the development of the IFM market.

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