Strategic Analysis of European OEMs’ Connected Services and HMI Solutions
Telematics Services are Expected to Achieve a Penetration of 90% in Europe, While More Than 60% of Vehicles will have Wider (12.3+ inch) Infotainment Displays Controlled by Touch or Gestures, with AI-based Digital Assistants being Omnipresent, by 2025
  • Connected car strategy for the in-vehicle scenario covers 2 major domains—Connected Services and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)—apart from other domains that are also important. Each automaker’s portfolio defines its position in the fight to be a market leader in the connected car segment.

    This connected services and HMI study for the European region tracks both technology advancements and business models that automakers are applying in the region.

    A couple of case studies will pique the interest of readers of this report on how a few automakers are approaching the next wave of connected car use cases – for instance, the beta-testing of services by BMW or the feature-on demand (FoD) services started by VW and Audi hint at what other automakers could pursue in the upcoming years.

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