Adoption of Advanced Processors and Servers Sparks Innovation across the Global Data Center Infrastructure Solutions (DCIS) Market
Demand for Ever-increasing Volumes of Data Storage Drives Growth Strategies
  • The global data center infrastructure solutions (DCIS) market will be driven by investments from technology and industrial firms in next-generation enterprise, cloud, and co-location centers. This growth will span regions, as companies seek to reduce their dependence on any one region and to tap the opportunities developing across the globe. Cooling, racks and rack options, gensets, and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) solutions are the key infrastructure deployed by data centers that help ensure operations run efficiently.

    Continual high volumes of data creation globally has led to increased levels of data center investment, which boosts demand for power and cooling solutions that are environmentally friendly, highly efficient, and able to reduce overall cost of ownership. Deployment of next-generation 5G telecom networks will drive the market toward edge data centers and modular data centers; this will require smaller and niche solutions that can be easily deployed and maintained.

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