Analysis of the Growth Strategies of ASEAN-6 Facilities Management Companies, Forecast to 2025
Identifying Strategies to Cope with the Transforming Competitive Market and Global Situation
  • The future of facilities management (FM) will require stringent monitoring of visitors, workspace management, consistent cleanliness and hygiene, and holistic security to manage any future threats similar to COVID-19. This study focuses on presenting the competitiveness of FM providers through a selection of strategic criteria that respond to underlying trends, challenges, and opportunities in the FM market. Elements such as quality, price, and profit margins are also critical to the success factors of FM providers


    • How will the FM market be affected in ASEAN-6 given the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?
    • What is the outsourced FM industry growth rate in ASEAN-6? What is the breakdown for each of the countries?
    • How will the COVID-19 crisis transform the FM industry based on customer demand?
    • Which are the leading FM companies in terms of growth, unique service propositions, and emerging presence in the region?
    • What are the key strategies of these leading FM companies to succeed in the market?
    • What are the actions that the FM companies should take to adapt to current economic challenges and bring advancement to the ASEAN-6 market?
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