Smart Mobility City Tracker
  • Frost & Sullivan’s New Mobility Team has developed its proprietary Smart Mobility City Tracker to gauge the current performance and future preparedness of cities towards smart mobility. The team employs rigorous research methodologies across multiple quantitative and qualitative indices to track more than 150 exclusive transport-related data points in 100 smart cities across the world.

    The intelligence provides insight into New Mobility Solutions, Autonomous Readiness, Digitisation, Sustainability, Logistics Performance, Policy & Regulatory Framework, and Transport Landscape and Vision.

    Top 10 Questions the Smart City Tracker Will Answer

    1. What are the potential cities to launch new mobility services in terms of consumer preference/demand?
    2. How much is a consumer willing to spend on new mobility services in order to evaluate the profitability of the services in the city?
    3. What, if any, are the underlying regulations/policies for new mobility solutions? Do governments promote shared transport/discourage private car use?
    4. Which cities are most susceptible to Smart Mobility solutions in terms of reduced cost, travel time, emissions, congestion, last-mile connectivity challenges, etc.?
    5. What best practices/business models have been adopted by leading operators across cities which can be replicated by other existing/new players?
    6. What is the government’s stance on digitisation and related measures taken (e.g. do they have open data sharing platforms or integrated payment systems)?
    7. Which cities are well positioned for deployment of Mobility-as-a-Service on the basis of enabling technology or high adoption potential?
    8. Which cities are piloting autonomous vehicles? How is government facilitating such pilots (e.g. funding or investment availability, dedicated testing zones or corridors, etc.)?
    9. What are the potential cities to deploy autonomous shuttles/taxis in terms of infrastructure availability, consumer demand and enabling regulations?
    10. What is the current outlook of Electric Vehicles across cities? How can cities promote electrification of fleet?

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