Growth Opportunities

Growth Prospects in the US Department of Homeland Security Spending Plan

This research discusses the DHS components that offer the best opportunities for companies trying to enter the homeland security sector. It also provides an overview of the drivers and restraints, the government's focus and the services it utilizes.

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Growth of Artificial Intelligence in the US Military Training and Simulation Industry

What are the processes behind AI and how is the technology evolving? What projects in training and simulation are currently in development? What is the potential impact of AI on the way training is designed and delivered in the US military? Find out more.

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Post-pandemic Economic Impact and Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Defense Industry

Global defense spending was recorded at $1.8 trillion in 2018, but COVID-19 is likely to reduce spending as governments deal with the crisis. Explore the six growth opportunities predicted to arise for companies in the future.

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CxO Insights

Innovating in Times of Uncertainty

Richard Sear

Partner, SVP and Chief Solutions Officer

While the title of this article suggests that uncertainty is not a constant, it actually is. But to truly understand the role of innovation, we must first acknowledge that some moments are more uncertain than others: 2020 has clearly demonstrated that reality.

So what is the role of innovation today? How do weremain focused on innovation when times are tough? Should you even try? To tackle these questions, the last one must be addressed first.

Should innovation even be a priority now?

It is incredibly hard to grow, even during good times. Companies struggle with new product success, illustrated by a 95% fail rate. Lack of growth is the No. 1 reason why CEOs are dismissed. Innovation is at the tip of the spear if we consider growth to be a serious and hopefully obvious goal of any company. Innovative employees are a corporation’s equivalent of Navy Seals: precision experts with a mission target and a clear plan for how to execute that mission. Tough times arethe perfect catalyst when innovation must be accelerated, given that competitors both known and unknown may be taking their proverbial foot off the gas pedal. During every major economic downturn, Nike doubled down on its R&D investment,with great success strengthening the business and shoring up core markets. The company recognized a growth opportunity and acted, using its innovation culture as the mechanism to move swiftly.

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Top Growth Insights

DITB Trends

Strategic Analysis of DITB Upgrades Reveals Potential for Growth

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Commercial Aircraft

Post-pandemic Growth Analysis of the Global Commercial Aircraft Sector

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Cabin Interiors

Innovations in the Global Commercial Cabin Interiors Industry

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US Defense & Security

US Defense and Security Industry Disruptors Drive Growth

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Supply Chain Restructuring

Global Commercial Aerospace Supply Chain Restructuring

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Commercial Aerospace

New Technologies Impacting Global Commercial Aerospace in 2020

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USSOCOM Requirements

USSOCOM Requirements and the Emerging Growth Opportunities

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Enhanced Global Demand for Biometrics in Security

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Upcoming Research

The global airport IT sector is expected to experience growth in various segments. Examine the emerging technologies such as AI, Big Data and analytics, cloud computing, IoT, and robotics, and their impact on this landscape.
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The research identifies use cases for safe city programs across the globe. Explore how the significant differences in operational structure, political landscapes, digitalization progress, and public willingness to allow more robust public safety activities are helping cities find a tailored approach that is best suitable to create a solution that can work for them.
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Press Releases

Global Commercial Aircraft Market to Focus on Innovative Digital Solutions and Leasing Post-COVID-19, Says Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Post-pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Global Commercial Aircraft Market, presents updates to the 2020 outlook and growth opportunities for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the supply chain, and aftermarket suppliers. Under the conservative forecast scenario, the market is estimated to witness a dramatic drop in revenues, reaching $149.24 billion in 2020 and garnering a revenue of $271.67 billion by 2025.

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Global Spending on Defense Declines as Governments Allocate Funds to Reactivate the Economy

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Post-pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Defense Industry, presents the impact of global spending on defense under three scenarios—gradual containment, severe pandemic, and global emergency. As governments around the world allocate funds to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and reactivate the economy, under the severe pandemic scenario, defense spending will stagnate at current levels for the short term (2020-2021).

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Global Airlines Leverage AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain to Save Costs and Generate New Revenues, Says Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan’s recent study, Analysis of the Global Airline IT Market, Forecast to 2025, finds that the increasing expectations of passengers are compelling airlines to embrace digital enablers and propelling a digital transformation journey that will fundamentally change traditional airline information technology (IT) strategies.

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