Growth Opportunities

Novel Opportunities for Growth in the Global Naval Radar Sector

The growing competition for maritime resources and emerging developments have shifted the focus of national security toward enhancing naval powers to combat threats. Identify the factors driving demand for fleet capability upgrades and force modernization programs, etc.

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Evolution of 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions of Travel: Changing Dynamics Create Prospects

The advent of new dimensions of travel will impact the future of this industry as it ushers in a zero era in transportation, the transformations caused by new business models, more effective public transport systems, and the introduction of more sustainable modes of transportation.

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New Technologies Impacting Global Commercial Aerospace in 2020

2020 is going to be a year of reconfiguration and transformation for the global commercial aerospace sector. What are the key developments to watch out for? What is the impact of emerging technology and supply chain strategies on growth? Read this research to find out more.

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CxO Insights

Building a Strategically Agile Supply Chain Engine Now to Capture Growth Opportunities in the Future

Dorman Followwill

Senior Partner

Supply Chain management and Cybersecurity are usually seen by CxOs and the Board as necessary evils, soiled signposts along the road to growth. Both are highly operational, and the heroes doing these jobs are usually only recognized when something goes wrong. But can strategic Supply Chain management be a competitive advantage, a true growth accelerator, in the post COVID world?

We believe it can, especially in our new world of pandemics and major supply chain interruptions. In this article, I want to describe two case studies of strategic Supply Chain management we were asked to undertake during the two most recent pandemics: H1N1 and COVID. The panicked origins and the strategic potential arising from these engagements have spurred us to a new appreciation for innovative and highly agile Supply Chain management in a world of increasing asymmetry.

In late Q3 2009, I received a panicked call from the Head of Procurement of Novartis’ Vaccines division (since sold to GSK) in Italy. He asked if we could conduct an emergency analysis of the global Supply Chain for chicken eggs. Why chicken eggs? Because chicken eggs are a main component of non-recombinant flu vaccines, and with the WHO officially identifying the H1N1 flu as a pandemic, the vaccine manufacturers realized their capacity for supplying an infected global patient base today would come down to how many chicken eggs they could procure yesterday. We turned out a proposal in 24 hours, and won the engagement. Focusing on demand-side and supply-side primary research, we conducted over 100 interviews across the globe, delivering a highly tuned model for scenario analysis that provided short-term and long-term, data-driven Supply Chain management for the production of the flu vaccines available at that time. The client was happy, the pandemic quickly subsided, and we all moved on to the next thing.

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Frost Radar & Top Growth Insights

Airport Automation

Frost Radar - APAC Airport Automation, 2020

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Post-pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis in the Global Security Industry

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Airport & Airline

Global Airport & Airline Industry – Post-pandemic Opportunity Analysis

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Key Technologies Boost Opportunities for the Global Defense Industry

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DoD Training

Innovations Impacting the US DoD Training and Simulation Sector

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DoD Budget

Strategic Assessment of the US Department of Defense (DoD) Budget

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Airline Flight Operations

Optimization Opportunities in the Global Airline Flight Operations Sector

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Commercial UAS

Growth Hot Spots in the Global Commercial UAS Industry

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Upcoming Research

The global airport IT sector is expected to experience growth in various segments. Examine the emerging technologies such as AI, Big Data and analytics, cloud computing, IoT, and robotics, and their impact on this landscape.
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The research identifies use cases for safe city programs across the globe. Explore how the significant differences in operational structure, political landscapes, digitalization progress, and public willingness to allow more robust public safety activities are helping cities find a tailored approach that is best suitable to create a solution that can work for them.
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Press Releases

Global Security Industry Shifts to Service-based Solution Offerings Post-Pandemic

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Post-Pandemic Growth Opportunity in the Global Security Industry, finds that the security industry has tremendous investment opportunities despite the economic slowdown witnessed due to COVID-19. Under an aspirational recovery scenario, the global security industry is likely to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.3%, garnering revenue of $140.60 billion by 2025 from $109.30 billion in 2019.

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Global Airlines Leverage AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain to Save Costs and Generate New Revenues, Says Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan’s recent study, Analysis of the Global Airline IT Market, Forecast to 2025, finds that the increasing expectations of passengers are compelling airlines to embrace digital enablers and propelling a digital transformation journey that will fundamentally change traditional airline information technology (IT) strategies.

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Global Spending on Defence Declines as Governments Allocate Funds to Reactivate the Economy

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Post-pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Defence Industry, presents the impact of global spending on defence under three scenarios—gradual containment, severe pandemic, and global emergency. As governments around the world allocate funds to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and reactivate the economy, under the severe pandemic scenario, defence spending will stagnate at current levels for the short term (2020-2021).

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