Global Border and Maritime Security Market Analysis, Forecast to 2028
Evolving Threats, Geo-political Conflicts, Illicit Human and Drug Trafficking Will Steer Nations to Leverage Security Technology to Protect Borders
  • This study will benefit those who are interested in learning about the global border and maritime security market and potential opportunities in this segment.

    The threat dynamics to national security are evolving, and technology, in turn, will act as a force multiplier for nations to foil illegal attempts to penetrate their sovereign borders. Each nation, having acknowledged the significance of its land and maritime borders, is, therefore, inclined to deploy technological solutions to handle border threats. With heightened geopolitical tensions globally, nations have increased the emphasis on protecting their geopolitical interests, and companies are rapidly innovating solutions backed by data analytics and Artificial Intelligence to enable robust border and maritime security through enhanced situational awareness.

    Airports, ports, and land border checkpoints remain a major security concern due to their critical importance to trade and commerce. Their interconnection with other industries such as transportation, energy production, and manufacturing is a significant factor in improving security measures, as the disruption of business productivity and social functions could be economically consequential for the region and country. This study discusses the key aspects of border and maritime security and identifies areas of opportunities in the land border, coastal and port and airport security segments.

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