Growth Opportunities in the Circular Economy of European Sludge Treatment Systems Market, Forecast to 2025
Advanced Anaerobic Digestion, Nutrient Recovery and Innovative Initiatives such as Sludge Retail in the United Kingdom
to Kick-start an Upswing in the Market
  • Innovative business models such as asset management and sludge retail followed by disruptive applications like hydrogen fuel from sludge will drive the circular economy of European sludge treatment systems market. Europe is an established market with respect to sludge treatment. However, many utilities in the region suffer from ageing infrastructure where retrofits and rehabilitation will be the key market along with technologies addressing micropollutants in sludge. The recent approval granted by the European Commission for fertiliser generated sludge will serve as one of the key drivers as it minimises waste, lowers energy consumption and also reduces the risk of phosphorus shortage.

    Vendors operating in this sector can capitalise on the opportunities in:

    • Using the energy generated from sludge to run operations along the entire value chain.
    • Producing hydrogen fuel from sludge, which can be used to power automobiles.
    • Offering solutions that help customers achieve their sustainability targets.
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