Future Opportunities in EV Charging, Forecast to 2030
Utilities, Oil & Gas Majors, and Technology Solution Providers All Vying for a Role in the Lucrative EV Charging Sector
  • As EVs continue to disrupt the power-mobility ecosystem, the role played by charging solutions in the 2020s will be crucial in how effectively the ecosystem develops. This will more so as utilities, technology solution providers, and major oil and gas firms look to target an area which effectively bridges power and mobility. Although a nascent industry, various innovative charging solutions are disrupting the industry as it looks to firmly establish itself on a mass market scale.

    This Frost & Sullivan research provides insights on seven charging models which carry high lab-to-market adoption rate potential in the 2020s. These are: Battery Swapping, Vehicle to Home, Demand Response with EV Charging, Smart Charging, Fast Charging, Wireless Charging, and Vehicle to Grid Technologies.


    • What are the key charging models currently either in the market or in development?
    • How will these models work from a technical and a commercial viewpoint?
    • Which organizations are the key stakeholders driving investment in these models?
    • What are the key growth opportunities?
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