Growth Opportunities in the Internet of Things–enabled Supply Chain Management Market, Forecast to 2024
End-to-end Visibility, Predictive Analysis, and Real-time Insights will Drive Adoption of IoT
  • Supply chain in any organization is literally its backbone. Cutting across a range of functions, it traverses across the life cycle of a product. Even a slight impediment can affect the entire value chain, run schedules off track, and significantly hamper productivity and efficiency. As companies struggle with visibility and transparency in the traditional supply chain, corrective actions are usually reactive. Data received after an incident are unable to prevent any damages.

    Digital supply chain has emerged as an alternative to the traditional methods. As technology enhances organizational performance, we believe that the impact of cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled solutions is especially significant. The comprehensive IoT ecosystem comprising of hardware, middleware, connectivity, software, and advanced technologies has pioneered the launch of some extremely innovative SCM solutions. The benefits of access to data-driven and predictive insights impact all stakeholders’ performance and efficiency.

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