Growth Opportunities

Growth Avenues in the Global DC Power Systems Sector

Which are key regions for DC power, and how are they going to transform the industry? What are the various power ranges, and which ones are going to dominate in the future? Where are the investment prospects going to be concentrated?

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Growth Opportunities Redefining the French Facility Management Industry

This research provides insights on comprehensive metrics and service strategies. It also looks at opportunities in adjacent and converging industries such as energy management, sustainability, and workplace change management.

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Impact of COVID-19 on the Growth of the Global Homes and Buildings Industry

In this research, explore the key growth opportunities for industry participants to overcome the COVID-19 challenge. Also, take a look at the revenue forecasts for the year 2020, and learn about the best practices implemented by leading companies in this segment.

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CxO Insights



A Conversation with Mark Simoncelli

With many major publications projecting that much of the S&P 500 will be replaced over the next 10 years, there is a clear call to action for organizations today: disrupt yourself before someone else does. But how?

Common Growth Obstacles

Organizational performance is hamstrung by a combination of factors, but across industries, the following growth obstacles persist:

Limited Insight:

Failing to conduct in-depth research into new opportunities is a potentially devastating strategic mistake. Too many organizations set a strategic course for growth based on opinions instead of data. Without a deep understanding of both market and customer dynamics, poor decision-making, inferior execution, and reduced market share are likely to follow. Simoncelli points to the mistakes made by some major US retailers that entered European and UK markets without fully assessing those opportunities. According to Simoncelli, “An idea may look or feel right, but if you haven’t properly evaluated the requirements, the complexities, the competition, or what local customers really want, the business will struggle.”

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Frost Radars & Top Growth Insights

Wind Turbines

Frost Radar - Global Onshore Wind Turbine Market, 2020

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Bottled Water Hydration

Frost Radar - Global Bottled Water Hydration Market, 2020

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Smart City Development

Growth of People Flow Solutions in APAC Smart City Development

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Data Centers

Innovations Transforming Modular Data Centers Sector

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Virtual Power Plant

Top Advancements Boosting Growth in the European Virtual Power Plant Sector

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Refining Sector

Disruptive Shifts Triggering Growth Opportunities in the Global Refining Sector

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Waste Management

New Waste Management Initiatives Boost Growth Opportunities in Top Asian Cities

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Water & Wastewater

IIoT-based Solutions Accelerate Growth Prospects in the Global Water & Wastewater Industry

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Upcoming Research

BIM and digital twins are some of the modern digital construction tools that enable AEC industry professionals to proficiently plan, design, construct, operate, and manage buildings and infrastructure. What are the key growth opportunities for participants to continue their double-digit growth in this sector? What is the global and regional share of leading companies? What major technologies do they adopt?
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Rapid industrialization in the GCC has led to greater economic prosperity and a growing population, which directly translates to increased waste generation. What are the key growth opportunities for the waste recycling companies in this region? What are the circular economy and waste recycling initiatives by GCC governments that drive prospects? What is the impact of digitalization in the waste recycling sector?
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Press Releases

Global Energy Storage to Rebound and Witness Strong Capacity Additions Despite Pandemic

Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, the medium-term future for energy storage remains bright. Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Outlook for the Global Energy Storage Industry, 2020, predicts the market to decline, as project delays, including the lack of access to residential and commercial clients, take their toll.

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Digital Solutions Optimize Performance in Global Homes & Buildings Market Following Minor COVID-19 Setbacks

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global Homes and Buildings Industry Outlook, 2020, reveals that the penetration of advanced technologies that provide energy and cost benefits and value-based outcomes will drive the global homes & buildings (H&B) industry in 2020. However, an additional report, Impact of COVID-19 on Global Homes and Buildings Industry, 2020, notes industry revenues are expected to drop by 3.5% from 2019 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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AI in Homes & Buildings Estimated to Garner Revenues of Nearly $9 Billion by 2030

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Artificial Intelligence in the Global Homes & Buildings Industry, Forecast to 2030, finds that the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in the homes and buildings space is gaining rapid momentum across the globe as the industry is estimated to witness an approximate 15-fold increase by 2030.

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