Southeast Asia E-Commerce Subscription

Guiding companies in the e-commerce ecosystem on how to leverage market intelligence as a competitive advantage

Southeast Asian e-commerce market projected to grow

Southeast Asian e-commerce market to comprise a double-digit percentage of the retail sector by 2021

Market Performance Assessment Areas

of total orders in 2016 were achieved in the first half of 2017
E-commerce users to total
million by 2021, nearly threefold in 2016
Emerging markets catching up fast. Indonesia is expected to replace Thailand, the region's largest e-commerce market in 2016, in the near term.

The rapid growth of the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia is expected to increase almost threefold in 5 years to reach USD64.9 billion in 2021.

Large population of millennials in the region with notably high social media adoption is driving the e-commerce business growth, mainly due to:

  1. Rising income levels
  2. Abundance of choice
  3. Ease of use with rising smartphone usage and easy Internet access
  4. Increasing banked population (about 300 million today to 500 million in 5 years)
  5. Greater availability of localized services

Why Subscribe to the Southeast Asia E-Commerce Subscription Program?

Stay up to date with trends and opportunities in key markets: Frost & Sullivan’s quarterly e-commerce market program covers 7 countries in the region – Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Taiwan

Gain detailed market insights from the combined knowledge base of Frost & Sullivan’s team (comprising over 20 analysts based in different markets in Asia-Pacific) with more than 20 years of research on various ICT markets including e-commerce

Access to our analysts for timely, in-depth responses to your queries

Participate in our flagship networking platform, "Growth, Innovation and Leadership" events, which provides an excellent opportunity to learn and discuss with the most relevant industry participants

Be part of an exclusive community to learn and exchange ideas from like-minded individuals driven by innovation and digital transformation

Benefit from a unique e-commerce-based program providing a 360-degree view of the industry

Partner with us to access frequent and timely market intelligence on the Southeast Asian e-commerce market


Digital dossiers in a year discussing market dynamics and performance of e-commerce market participants. The deliverables help you keep track of market movements holistically. Frost & Sullivan shares these deliverables within 45 days of the end of the quarter to enable our clients to take timely actions and propel their performances further.


Excel-based deliverables that multiple people in the organization can use independently to support their business functions.


Strategic insight presentations by the lead analyst featuring findings to boost the market performance of customers. These also offer independent, unique, and unbiased views on the market to business leaders in your organization.

Key Topics to be Covered in our Quarterly Program

  • Gross Merchandize Value (GMV)
  • Number of orders (transactions)
  • E-commerce as percentage of retail volume
  • First-party and third-party models

  • Annual e-commerce expenditure per capita
  • Number of users
  • GMV by mobile phone vs by personal computer
  • Internet penetration (mobile and fixed)

Customers Testimony

  • Frost & Sullivan “Frost & Sullivan’s E-Commerce research program is a robust solution for regularly monitoring the performance of e-commerce markets across Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Each quarter, Frost & Sullivan undertakes a series of primary and secondary research exercises to size the market and define key market developments. We are glad to have worked with Frost & Sullivan as a knowledge partner, especially for the region where there are significant gaps in the availability and quality of data.
  • Frost & Sullivan “Indonesia’s e-commerce industry is struggling to have a credible information source that can help companies to identify focus areas for their business. In fact, there is a huge information gap starting from regular market tracking. At the start of a recent engagement with Frost & Sullivan, I was a bit sceptical on the accuracy of the information. However, I am very pleased to say that Frost & Sullivan has done a very professional job. They have done thorough research by speaking to all key stakeholders in the industry and they are our preferred knowledge partner for e-commerce.”
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