Digital Transmission Driving the Geospatial Services Market, 2020
New Product Development is Enabling the Sustainable Future of Markets Creating Multiple Growth Opportunities
  • The study aims to cover the global geospatial services market’s use cases and their developments in terms of new technology disruptions, business models, application areas, and trends entering the market. The research will look at 8 use cases and their application areas that offer new insights into the geospatial services market. The 8 use cases are: agriculture, energy, environmental management, automotive, aviation, defense, banking, and healthcare. They are discussed in detailed in this study. The global geospatial services market covers both data service operators and imagery analytics operators. Advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Big Data, and Blockchain play a major role in the geospatial services market. ICT service providers integrated with the geospatial data services providers are expected to bring new technological innovations to the geospatial services market.

    Digital Transformation is a key trend that attracts the attention of many other participants to invest into the geospatial services market. The geospatial services market covers both structured and unstructured data. Due to this, the increasing adoption of geospatial services drives actionable insights for downstream operators. Real-time geospatial analysis helps in tracking real-time data with the use of location-based intelligence.

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