Strategic Insight into the Future of the Global Mobility Technology Market
The Converging Multi-industry Ecosystem is Moving Toward Opportunities in CASE Mobility
  • The long-term evolution of mobility systems is expected to be heavily technology-oriented. The future of the mobility industry is underpinned by a vast mobility technology ecosystem consisting of an array of technology market participants, mobility service providers, original equipment manufacturers, and Tier I and II suppliers.

    The study seeks to analyze the changing dynamics in the mobility technology landscape, with a focus on key mobility solutions, such as mobility-as-a-service, connected environments, and autonomous vehicle technologies. The research service provides information on the key participants, markets, stakeholders, growth drivers, technologies, technology providers, challenges, and future outlook in this space. It also defines the mobility technology ecosystem along with its key components and includes the key layers and converging landscape of future mobility technologies. The study suggests that the technology landscape is the backbone of the entire mobility ecosystem that provides the needed flexibility and scalability for future mobility services. It dives deep into the differentiated approach angles taken by various market participants toward achieving the goal of offering end-to-end mobility solutions and services in the future.

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