Changing Construction Practices Transforming the Global Construction Coatings Market, 2020
Durable Waterborne and Powder Coatings Technologies Represent Key Growth Opportunities
  • This study presents an assessment of the current status and future prospects of the Global Construction coatings market. It takes into account volume shipments and revenues generated from construction coatings from 2017 to 2027. Revenues are recorded at the manufacturer level. Decorative architectural coatings is a market that is widely researched through analysis done by Frost & Sullivan in the past while protective exterior construction coatings are covered to a minor extent in those studies. This study aims to highlight the product and other trends in the latter.

    Construction coatings in this study are defined as coatings used on the exterior surfaces in the construction of structures such as residential buildings, commercial and industrial complexes including power plants, warehouses, factories and skyscrapers. This study excludes the interior decorative coatings used in the construction industry. The coatings are analysed based on the type of substrates (segmented as masonry, metals, and wood) these are applied on, the resin chemistry used (such as epoxy, PU, acrylics, alkyds), and the formulation technologies employed (solvent-borne, waterborne, and powder).

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