Empowering the Future of VR/AR Content Consumption through 5G
Highlighting Industry Use Cases of Immersive Technology
  • This industry insight covers the opportunity for 5G in relation to the industry-wide adoption of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology in select use cases. The insight seeks to answer the following questions: What is the status of global 5G deployments? How will 5G help VR/AR technology applications? What are the challenges and barriers to VR/AR adoption? Which industry segments are currently using VR/AR applications and how could they be poised to use AR/VR solutions in the future? Which companies are currently using VR/AR applications? What are the benefits of these use cases? What growth opportunities are in the VR/AR market, and which industries can capitalize on these growth opportunities? The vertical industries investigated in this report are education and training, public sector, automotive, manufacturing/engineering and robotics, healthcare, retail and hospitality, and gaming and entertainment.

    This insight showcases Frost & Sullivan’s research of specific use cases driving the use of VR/AR technology in these above-mentioned industry verticals. It also looks into the differences between VR and AR and the proposed timeline for the technologies as predicted today. Challenges and barriers to industry-wide VR/AR adoption includes the price of the technology and supporting devices, connection and latency problems that cause a poor user experience, and the display resolution of an experience that can lead to a lack of realism that a user wants from a VR/AR experience.

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