Digital Industrial and Energy Guidebook
Future Growth Opportunities and the 2020 Class of Top 50 Supplier Best Practitioners
  • The world is facing unrelenting swings that are causing severe uncertainties, volatility, and complexity. As organizations look to cut operational costs and preserve their bottom line, digital transformation is a much sought after aspect to sustain performance. Frost & Sullivan has identified that the digital journey for customers is not a case of when and if, but how quickly they can pivot. However, critical market issues like complex market messaging, several me-too solutions, value-creation uncertainties, and quick-hit benefits realization restrain a wide-scale adoption of digital solutions.

    This Digital Industrial and Energy Guidebook helps overcome these critical issues for customers by comprehensively evaluating the ecosystem of solution providers. Using scientific methods, customer voice and decision support matrices, this research study has shortlisted the top 50 digital best practitioners across the industrial and energy space. The prestigious finalists are characterized in 3 main ways:

    1) Enterprise-specific Best Practice: A digital solution, often a platform that is developed to monitor enterprise-wide plant/portfolio operational performance, which includes technical and financial measures.

    2) Industry-specific Best Practice: A digital solution specific to an industry and resolving a specific industry issue.

    3) Function-specific Best Practice: A digital solution which is specific to a particular function with the industry value chain – for example, condition monitoring and reliability assessment.

    Organizations can leverage this guidebook as a digital transformation supplier selection guide.

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