AI-Based Image Analysis Tools and Cloud-Based Deployment to Expand the Global Digital Pathology Market
Increased Demand for Remote Pathology Services and Centralization of Digital Pathology Workflow in Hospital Networks to Spark New Growth Opportunities
  • The Transformational Health team at Frost & Sullivan provides critical insights into the global digital pathology market, highlighting key growth opportunities, market revenue forecast, and business models that will play an essential role in its growth. The study segments the market by product (hardware, software, and storage solutions) and region (North America, European Union, and Asia-Pacific). Frost & Sullivan provides the market forecast and breakdown by region from 2019–2025, capturing developing market trends and regional dynamics vital in increasing market growth.

    Other topics covered include:

    • The largest and emerging digital pathology markets in terms of revenue generation
    • Strategic analysis of the digital pathology workflow in a clinical setting
    • The necessity for digital pathology participants to adopt a standard imaging format and adoption challenges
    • Comprehensive insights on the latest regulatory landscape in the US and EU for digital pathology companies
    • Growth opportunities centering on using AI in image analysis, innovative business models such as on-demand services, and end-user segments like pharmaceutical contract services
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