Opportunities of Emerging Sensor Technologies Impacting the Future of Smart Cities
Acoustic Sensors, Lidar Sensors, Radar Sensors, 3D Camera Sensors, Temperature & Humidity Sensors, Flow and Gas Sensors Enable the Future of Smart Cities
  • Digitization and IoT advancements are driving the adoption of sensor technologies extensively for the development of smart cities. There is an observed shift from restricting adoption of the technology to just homes and buildings which is moving towards more large-scale adoption across cities. While integrated sensor networks are key to driving the technological transformation of traditional cities, they are aptly supported by key enabling technologies such as AI and edge and cloud computing as well as high-speed Internet networks. Developments in smart cities are also laying emphasis on the adoption of a shared centralized network which will eliminate any problems of interoperability and also focus on advancements in cybersecurity that will prevent hacking of data collected from sensors. Further, sensor advancements which are leading to the development of advanced acoustic, radar, and lidar sensors are finding more applications in the development of a smart city apart from several traditional sensor technologies such as environmental, gas, flow and grid sensors.

    This research service, “Opportunities for Emerging Sensor Technologies Impacting the Future of Smart Cities” highlights the impact of key sensor technologies leveraged for creating a connected city ecosystem. It also offers insights on individual technologies, key global stakeholders, and industry initiatives leading to developments in technologies enabling smart cities. The scope of the research service is limited to sensor technologies enabling smart cities such as acoustic, lidar, radar, 3D camera sensors, environmental sensors, flow sensors, gas sensors, humidity and temperature sensors and also addresses adoption scenarios in key smart cities across the globe.

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