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The Global State of Online Digital Trust
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  • 27% of business executives view security initiatives as having a negative return on investment. However, it has been established that higher digital trust translates into higher revenue, which is why organisations intending to grow must enhance their digital trust credentials.

    Transitioning consumers into the high digital trust category will not happen quickly because there are many areas where organisations fail to understand the consumer experience.

    To help understand the importance of online trust in the digital era and the gap between reality and perception, as well as the opportunities to accelerate growth, Frost & Sullivan's European Cybersecurity research team partnered with CA Technologies to provide a complimentary ten-nation statistical analysis: The Global State of Online Digital Trust.

    Key Inclusions:

    1. Gain access to the Digital Trust Index developed by Frost & Sullivan
    2. Better understand the digital trust divide
    3. Learn ways digital trust is positively and negatively impacting consumer spending habits
    4. Gain insight on common business practices and best practices and recommendations

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