Latin America Passenger Vehicle Market Outlook, 2019
The Market will Keep Growing, Mainly Pushed by Brazil, Reaching 5.72 Million Units, with a 4.3% Growth from 2018
  • The present study analyzes the Latin American automotive market growth forecast for 2019, which is expected to be around 5.72 million units to be commercialized in the region, representing a 4.3% growth from previous year’s sales volumes. The study focuses in analyzing country-specific market performances and dynamics for the period 2017-2019, with focus on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Key macroeconomic and political factors impacting the local automotive markets have been analyzed for each case. The OEM competitive market scenario is also presented for each country and analyzed along the vehicle segment composition of each market.

    This research service has also put special analytical focus on the key transformative factors impacting the Latin American automotive world in 2018-2019. Firstly, there is a discussion on the immediate impact of Plan Rota 2030 in Brazil and the South American markets, accompanied with a presentation of the top trends in terms of safety and security in these markets, and a broader presentation of the potential impacts of a reconfiguration of trade dynamics of Mercosur trade-bloc. Alongside other geo-political discussions, this study also presents the impacts of 2018-2019 USCMA new trade clauses, and the emergence of Chinese automotive OEMs in several Latin American markets. Other key trends analyzed are the emergence of maturation of mobility services in the region, and the emergence of micro-mobility and last-mile solutions, amongst others.

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