Brazil’s Total Telecommunications Services Market and the Impact of Mega Trends, Forecast to 2023
Mobile-based Apps and 5G to Increase Growth Opportunities for Telcos
  • This research service provides market sizing and forecasts by segment and technology, in terms of lines and revenues, as well as market share figures. The study thoroughly examines the following markets: fixed telephony (habilitation, monthly fee, local traffic, national and international long-distance traffic, advanced voice, interconnection, and other services), data communications (dedicated IP, VPN IP MPLS, private lines, circuits, VSAT, international data, Metro-Ethernet, and WAN and LAN management), fixed broadband (ADSL, cable modem, FTTH, and wireless), pay TV (DTH, cable TV, IPTV, and MMDS) and mobile services (habilitation, local traffic, long-distance traffic, interconnection, internet access, SMS, VAS, M2M, and others).

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