Global Next Wave Technology Disruptors, 2018
Uncovering the Technologies that will Transform Vertical Markets and Society
  • In H1 2018, Frost & Sullivan’s ICT team conducted a small-scale survey of thought leaders from around the world to seek opinion on the technologies that will have a profound transformative impact on existing industry dynamics, value chains, and business models across multiple vertical markets in the next 10 years.

    Survey respondents came from two sources:

    • Independent experts, focused on innovation, strategy, technology, and similar functions, engaged in and connected to Frost & Sullivan's thought leadership communities from a broad variety of industries.
    • Frost & Sullivan’s own global industry research teams, spanning Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and a broad range of vertical markets (including automotive, manufacturing, energy and utilities, healthcare, and several others).

    The online survey received input from 112 ICT and industry-focused thought leaders. The insight, thus, provides the benefit of the aggregated expertise of Frost & Sullivan’s engaged global thought leader community to identify perceptions toward a number of emerging technologies that are either already gaining commercial traction or are attracting noteworthy Research & Development (R&D) focus.

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