Post-Pandemic Growth Opportunity in the Global Security Industry
While Commercial and Passenger-centric Industries will see Steep Declines due to COVID-19, Opportunities in the Public Sector will Grow Exponentially
  • COVID-19 has affected all industries across the globe. The security industry is no exception, and its spending, contracting processes, and business operations are being challenged by the pandemic. This research service discusses how security companies can maintain operations and serve customers throughout the crisis; it also analyzes how they will have to adapt to the new normal, which will make its presence felt when the major effects of COVID-19 have passed. As part of this discussion, the study looks at how these companies can streamline their operational and customer-facing strategies to maintain business continuity, serve customers, and capitalize on opportunities to maintain growth, even during this period of economic slowdown and recovery. The write-up highlights 2 recovery scenarios for the security industry, which will enable companies to prepare for 2 potential recovery types and structure their operational models accordingly.

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