Growth Opportunities in the Hydrogen Market for the Global Power Sector
With a Multitude of Applications, Hydrogen will Play an Important Role in Our Transition towards a Low-carbon Economy
  • Continued concerns over global warming and increasing carbon emissions have forced governments to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels based economy and move towards a low-carbon economy. Our sustainable future depends on the development of these low-carbon and alternate energy sources that are renewable and environment friendly.

    In recent years, there has been a growing interest in hydrogen as a low- or zero-carbon energy source, and many governments have started acknowledging the fact that a hydrogen-based economy could be the answer to our growing concerns over increasing carbon emissions, energy security, and climate change. Hydrogen could be used as a decarbonised fuel across the mobility, maritime and aviation sectors, and as a decarbonised energy storage system (ESS) across the power generation sector.

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