Assessment of the Global Threat Intelligence Platforms Market, Forecast to 2022
The Market Convergence is Driven by the Evolving Customer Needs and the Growing Number of Use Cases that TIP Vendors Aim to Address
  • The growing media attention to cyberattacks and data breaches contributes to raising awareness of cybercrime along with the financial and reputational losses that it causes. Besides, the increasing complexity of cyberattacks highlights the necessity of adopting a proactive, threat intelligence-driven approach to cybersecurity. To secure a modern enterprise, security teams must not only respond to threats but also anticipate and prevent them. Intelligence-led cybersecurity is gaining more traction as organizations not only understand the need for securing their data and infrastructure but also seek the most effective ways to accomplish that goal. Threat intelligence platforms (TIPs) enable organizations to navigate the ever-growing threat landscape and operationalize threat data. The growing volume and complexity of threat intelligence present a compelling case for the adoption of a platform that allows an organization to aggregate, vet, and process threat data.

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