Emerging Innovations Driving Efficiency Enhancements In Perovskite Solar Cells
Technology Focused R&D along with Strong Regulatory Support to Provide Long-term Growth
  • The global energy industry has witnessed a significant turnaround in recent years with primary technological breakthroughs being aligned to establish a low carbon energy ecosystem while reducing dependency on conventional fuel reserves. Amidst the ongoing transformation, the solar industry in itself is witnessing a shift from first-generation solar cells (silicon-based) to second and third-generation solar technologies (amorphous silicon, perovskite, bifacial, etc.). Perovskite (third-gen) based solar cell technologies have gained the utmost attention owing to their low manufacturing costs along with higher operational output and efficiency limits when compared to first and second-generation solar cells. This research study primarily focuses on emerging perovskite-based solar cell innovations providing efficiency enhancements and operational performance. Moreover, the study extends its scope across the IP landscape, technical characteristics, key stakeholders, R&D focus, and growth opportunities within the perovskite aided solar industry.

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