Growth Opportunities

Strategic Outlook of the Indonesian Automotive Sector

What are the government regulations for automotive and shared mobility in Indonesia? What is the current status of the EV and EV-related industries? What are the current scenarios and future prospects for the region? Get answers to these questions and more from this in-depth research.

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Competitive Analysis of the Global Autonomous Driving Industry

This outlook highlights the three key industry and business opportunities that have been impacted by the changing dynamics of the autonomous ecosystem. Also discussed are the new business strategies, innovations and future upgrades that will transform this space.

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Extreme Growth Predicted in the Thailand Automotive Space

This research aims to provide a strategic outlook of Thailand’s automotive industry, including both commercial and passenger vehicle sectors. It also presents a comprehensive snapshot of the electric vehicle (EV) space, EV charging stations, and the shared mobility industry.

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CxO Insights

Innovating in Times of Uncertainty

Richard Sear

Partner, SVP and Chief Solutions Officer

While the title of this article suggests that uncertainty is not a constant, it actually is. But to truly understand the role of innovation, we must first acknowledge that some moments are more uncertain than others: 2020 has clearly demonstrated that reality.

So what is the role of innovation today? How do we remain focused on innovation when times are tough? Should you even try? To tackle these questions, the last one must be addressed first.

Should innovation even be a priority now?

It is incredibly hard to grow, even during good times. Companies struggle with new product success, illustrated by a 95% fail rate. Lack of growth is the No. 1 reason why CEOs are dismissed. Innovation is at the tip of the spear if we consider growth to be a serious and hopefully obvious goal of any company. Innovative employees are a corporation’s equivalent of Navy Seals: precision experts with a mission target and a clear plan for how to execute that mission. Tough times are the perfect catalyst when innovation must be accelerated, given that competitors, both known and unknown, may be taking their proverbial foot off the gas pedal. During every major economic downturn, Nike doubled down on its R&D investment with great success, strengthening the business and shoring up core markets. The company recognized a growth opportunity and acted, using its innovation culture as the mechanism to move swiftly.

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Frost Radar & Top Growth Insights

Automotive Components

Frost Radar - Indian Automotive Component Aftermarket, 2020

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Light Commercial Vehicle Industry Outlook Unveils Potential for Growth

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Vehicle Leasing

Massive Growth Avenues for the Global Vehicle Leasing Sector

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MD/HD Vehicles

MD/HD Commercial Vehicle Space Showcases Prospects for Growth

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Dubai Logistics

Transformational Shifts Redefining Dubai’s Logistics Industry

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Post-pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Logistics Industry

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Investment Prospects for the ASEAN Two-wheeler Motorcycle Sector

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European OEMs

Key Growth Highlights for European OEMs’ Connected Services

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Frost Initiatives

COVID-19 has brought the commercial vehicle industry to a standstill. As every cloud has a silver lining, this article by Sarwant Singh, Senior Partner, Frost & Sullivan, talks about the resilience of light commercial vehicle deployments in logistics and transportation industries and the connected truck telematics services that are in robust health as they play the role of acknowledged productivity enablers.
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How is BMW Motorrad approaching the autonomous, connected, electric and shared (ACES) revolution? What plans does this standard-bearer of all things innovative have in store to negotiate the next 100 years? Find out as Sarwant Singh, Senior Partner, Frost & Sullivan, provides highlights from his interview with BMW Motorrad CEO Dr. Markus Schramm.
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Press Releases

Global Electric Vehicle Sales Increase with Implementation of Stringent Emission Norms, Says Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global Electric Vehicle Market Outlook, 2020, finds that the COVID-19 uncertainty will globally dent electric vehicle (EV) sales, which are estimated to stand somewhere between ±9% in 2020 compared to 2019 under three different scenarios—gradual containment, severe pandemic, and global emergency.

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Frost & Sullivan Analyzes the Evolution of 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions of Travel

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Evolution of 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions of Travel, reveals that the transportation landscape across the globe will experience a revolution in the next decade. The advent of new modes of public transportation will lead to new transportation business models across all three dimensions of travel such as air taxis and hoverbikes in the 3rd; Hyperloop and Maglev trains in the 4th; and suborbital, orbital, and deep space travel in the 5th dimension.

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Digital Retailing and Vehicle Leasing to Propel Automotive Recovery Path, Says Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, COVID-19 Growth Impact Assessment for the Automotive Industry, 2020, presents the impact of the pandemic on the automotive sector under three scenarios—gradual containment, severe pandemic, and global emergency—resulting in outcomes ranging from steady recovery to recession.

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