Growth Opportunities

Strategic Outlook of the Indonesian Automotive Sector

What are the government regulations for automotive and shared mobility in Indonesia? What is the current status of the EV and EV-related industries? What are the current scenarios and future developments in the region? Get answers to these questions and more from this in-depth research.

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Competitive Analysis of the Global Autonomous Driving Industry

This outlook highlights the top developments and opportunities available for technology providers, suppliers, and OEMs in 2020. Also discussed are the new investment prospects, mergers, acquisitions, business strategies and key companies that are leading the autonomous landscape.

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Extreme Growth Predicted in the Thailand Automotive Space

This in-depth research aims to provide a strategic outlook of Thailand’s automotive industry, including both commercial and passenger vehicle segments. It also presents a snapshot of the electric vehicle (EV) space, EV charging stations, and the shared mobility industry.

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CxO Insights

Digital Transformation will Enable Growth Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry

Brian Cotton, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President and Partner

The COVID-19 pandemic delivered a gut punch to the hospitality industry. When it hit, it hit hard and rapidly, slowing or stopping hotel and restaurant chain growth plans in their tracks. Our research suggests that hotels went from occupancy rates in the high-80% range down to single digits, while at least 40% of restaurants have closed their doors or have permanently shut down. Hospitality business executives we speak with are focused on recovering business to levels that are at least half of pre-pandemic levels—but growth remains part of their longer-term plans.

The new dynamic between hotels and restaurants and their customers is shaping rebound and regrowth strategies. That dynamic is about giving people the confidence that when they stay with or dine in an establishment, they will be able to enjoy their experience without fear of contamination. People are yearning to travel and dine out, so the demand for hospitality services is building. Still, businesses will have to adapt their processes, procedures and circumstances to engender customer confidence to serve that demand.

A central business challenge is that in the COVID-sparked recession, most businesses are deferring capital spend on equipment, hiring and new technology. Any investment is directed at getting travelers and diners back in establishments. Revenue generation, competitive advantage and cost savings are critical to survival. Yet, growth in the hospitality industry is still out there, and we believe that the path back to growth is through digital transformation.

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Frost Radars and Top Growth Insights

Automotive Component

Frost Radar - Indian Automotive Component Aftermarket, 2020

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Indian ADAS

Frost Radar - Indian Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market, 2020

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Tuhu in China

Competitive Intensity of Tuhu in the Chinese Automotive Aftermarket

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Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Power Electronic Industry: Growth of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

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Automotive Industry

Disruptive Shifts Impacting the Global Automotive Industry

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Electric Vehicles

Key Growth Predictions for the Global Electric Vehicle Industry

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Connected Cars

Major Transformations Drive Growth in the Global Connected Car Industry

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Global Powertrain Outlook: An Overview of Growth Prospects

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Frost Initiatives

With COVID-19 overturning every prediction and projection made for the 2020 automotive sector, this article by Sarwant Singh, Senior Partner, Frost & Sullivan, talks about the top 20 trends that will shape the future of the auto manufacturing sector in 2020 and beyond.
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COVID-19 has brought the commercial vehicle industry to a standstill. As every cloud has a silver lining, this article by Sarwant Singh, Senior Partner, Frost & Sullivan, talks about the resilience of light commercial vehicle deployments in logistics and transportation industries, and the connected truck telematics services that are in robust health as they play the role of acknowledged productivity enablers.
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Press Releases

Frost & Sullivan Reveals Global Light Commercial Vehicle Market Outlook for 2020

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) Market Outlook, 2020, finds that global sales of LCVs are projected to reach 9.49 million units in 2020, with pickups contributing to 4.62 million units. The global economic impact of COVID-19 caused the market to decline by 19% in global LCV sales from 11.72 million units in 2019. The European market is experiencing the worst hit as countries such as Italy and Spain are facing an average decline in LCV sales of 35% to 50% in 2020.

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Frost & Sullivan Identifies New Growth Opportunities in a Contracting Global Economy

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, New Trade and Supply Chain Mega Trends to Transform the Global Economy in 2020, predicts that the destabilizing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the macroeconomic fundamentals will cause the global economy to contract by 3.6% in 2020. Major European and American economies are forecast to witness contraction much deeper than 6%, whereas the Chinese economy is expected to grow by 1.3%. The global economy will most likely begin to recover from the impact of the pandemic by 2021, boosted by hefty stimulus packages and stringent fiscal measures.

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Charging Infrastructure Advancements Expected to Close Gap in Sales for Canadian EV Market

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Strategic Analysis of the Canadian EV Market, predicts that the Canadian electric vehicle (EV) market is likely to experience a possible stagnation in 2020 due to the lack of support from provincial governments. However, federal incentives are expected to give an impetus to the market. The country continues to prefer hybrid electric vehicles over plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs). Despite this, the gap in sales is reducing and will continue to do so as charging infrastructure improves in 2020 and beyond.

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