Digitalization Powering Global Water Market
On World Water Day, explore key highlights on new technologies and business models leveraged by every region
  • Although the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the water sector, the municipal water and wastewater market has shown the highest resilience due to support packages from governments and their criticality across the globe. It also projects as the sector with the highest social value as it has a direct impact on everyone, cutting across socio-economic backgrounds. Frost & Sullivan experts raise awareness on the global water crisis and share insights on how each region is leading the charge towards water and sanitation for all by 2030.

    Download the complimentary insight to discover key findings across regions including:

    • Utilities exploring multiple ways to become ‘Net Zero’
    • Digital twin solutions for real-time optimization and asset management
    • IoT networking technology to eliminate terminal box or gateways
    • Desalination to continue to be a preferred climate-resilient option
    • PFAS regulations to drive retrofit and rehabilitation investment
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