Growth Opportunities in Distributed Energy, Forecast to 2030
Nearly $1 Trillion is Expected to be Invested Over the Course of the Decade as the Power Sector Continues to Transition to a More Decarbonised and Flexible System
  • Investments into distributed energy resources (DER) technologies reached $53.14 billion in 2019. Total capacity commissioned was 51.04 GW, meaning the total global installed capacity for DER increased by 10% in the year to 528.93 GW. Strong growth is expected for the global market across the decade as a whole. About $846.12 billion is forecast to be invested in new DER capacity over the next decade (2020–2030). The investment will be driven by a combination of favourable regulations, declining project and technology costs, high electricity and demand charges, availability of funding, and new financing models that offset initial investment barriers.

    Solar PV will dominate global investment throughout the decade, accounting for 88.2% of the funding. Of this, residential solar PV will account for 49.3% of the total investments, and commercial and industrial (C&I) solar PV the remaining 38.9%. By the end of the next decade, Asia will account for approximately 48% of the total investment, followed by North America (approximately 17.5% share) and Europe (approximately 16%). Total distributed generation (DG) installed capacity is projected to reach 1182.00 GW by 2030, accounting for 10% of the global installed power generation in the year.

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