Artificial Intelligence in the Global Homes & Buildings Industry, Forecast to 2030
A Profound Understanding of Value-based Outcome is Crucial for the Mass Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence in the Homes & Buildings Industry
  • Homes & buildings is a technology-driven industry that is witnessing innovation at a rapid pace, especially in Artificial Intelligence (AI) through machine learning and deep learning capabilities. Both leading and emerging participants in this space are strongly competing to secure a customer base and maximise their revenue potential. This study identifies the top AI applications in the homes & buildings industry offering growth opportunities to participants in different verticals and countries. It also highlights the top AI solution providers that contribute more than 95% of the market revenue and the companies to watch (as they have the potential to change the industry dynamics going forward). Frost & Sullivan estimates the value generated by AI in the homes & buildings industry at $6.08 billion in 2020.

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