North American Mobilized Sales Force Automation Market, Forecast to 2023
Growth Opportunities for Sales Organizations and SFA Providers
  • This study examines the mobilized sales force automation (SFA) market in North America. Mobile sales force automation applications are software solutions that extend SFA capabilities to a sales employee’s mobile device (smartphone, tablet, wearable, etc.). Capabilities can range from basic account, opportunity and contact management to also encompass more complex assistance and guidance such as forecasting, quote management, sales enablement, sophisticated analytics, sales coaching, probability scoring, etc. A variety of reporting, dashboard, and analysis options are usually also available.


    • Which SFA capabilities are accessible via mobile access?
    • What are the most significant business impacts experienced by today’s mobilized SFA users?
    • How are mobile SFA solutions evolving? Are today’s offering meeting customer needs?
    • What growth opportunities exist in this market – today and over the near term? How can providers establish a competitive advantage?
    • What are key trends emerging in this market? What challenges are sales force automation vendors facing when trying to convince today’s sales organizations to mobilize their SFA systems?
    • What are the current product development priorities of mobilized SFA providers?
    • What are the major distribution channels in the mobile SFA market, what share of the market do they currently enjoy, and are they expected to continue to dominate? Are wireless carriers active in this market as resellers?
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