North American Centrifugal Pumps Market, Forecast to 2024
Industrial Internet of Things to Disrupt Conventional Market Dynamics
  • The aim of this research study is to assess trends and evaluate the opportunities for centrifugal pumps across North America until 2024. This research examines the growth prospects of process equipment pump companies across the region, the changing competitive landscape, and the needs and requirements of customers. The study focuses on how smarter and more energy-efficient pumps are gaining widespread adoption. It also highlights how the pump market is set to benefit both in terms of revenues and unit shipment growth as economies recover, export markets are restored, and the growth rate for various end-user segments in the North American region rises. Digital transformation caused by the convergence of industry forces is driving unprecedented change. Data is the new currency, and there is demand from end-users to generate and mine the data to convert it into actionable insights. This will transform and drive strong growth in the pumps market in the next few years. This research study brings out the latest trends in terms of industry, economy and technology across several end-user industries for centrifugal pumps and their product types.

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