Growth Opportunities in the Global Cloud-Based Medical Imaging Informatics Market
A Nebulous Set of Applications Transforming into an Established Market Model
  • As the cloud-based information technology (IT) model advances slowly in healthcare, following years of lasting apprehension and skepticism, it is pursuing its two-decades-long journey in the medical imaging field. Indeed, since the early 2000s, cloud-based solutions have provided a viable alternative to tape- and truck-based solutions for the long-term archival of medical image studies.

    Since then, cloud-based solutions have continued to develop into more advanced use cases, despite the challenging nature of medical image data in terms of file sizes and user expectations. The conventional on-premises model, whereby every enterprise has to buy, operate and maintain its own IT solutions is proving to be unsustainable in the era of big data, short-sighted given the pace of IT innovations, irrelevant under the interoperability imperative, and not the wisest economic choice.

    However, transitioning to a cloud-based imaging IT model is not an easy shift, whether for healthcare providers or for vendors who have to align with the new purchasing, business, management and governance models that this shift entails. This explains the widely varying levels of excitement and proactiveness with the cloud among vendors and providers.

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