Artificial Intelligence Market—Key Application Areas for Growth in Healthcare IT, Forecast to 2022
Optimizing Quality and Efficiency of Healthcare Delivery with AI
  • The study describes how AI technologies are paired with legacy healthcare IT systems to deal with the complexity & growth of medical data. Frost & Sullivan acknowledges that AI intuitively finds ways to convert these ever-expanding resources into actionable evidence for end users. In this study, Frost & Sullivan has forecast global revenue for primary healthcare IT segments* which leverage AI to augment product functionalities. Additionally, the study also features and assesses various progressive AI vendors, offering visionary capabilities that strive to normalize disparate patient data, apply scientific algorithm to generate healthcare evidences and drive cognitive reasoning to predict population health outcomes.

    The global market revenue has been classified by these end users' corporate receptivity, behavioral agility, and financial ability to fund and sustain AI-enabled HC interventions that promise better outcomes for all.

    Key Issues Addressed

    • What are the regional market trends and industry dynamics in global AI for healthcare IT market? What is the future potential for AI-powered healthcare IT solutions?
    • What is the current market scenario? How much growth is expected? Which are the major market segments? What will be the impact of external trends on each business segment?
    • Who are the major participants in the global AI for healthcare IT market? What and how are they innovating in this space?
    • What are the important business model considerations (penetration, pricing and profitability information) for healthcare stakeholders and providers? Who should pay for healthcare AI products? Is there an untapped opportunity in this market?
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