Global Life Sciences Industry Outlook, 2018
Global Life Sciences Industry to Reach $1.5 T by 2022, Driven by Innovative Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple (GAFA) Partnerships and R&D IT Investments
  • The global life sciences industry is onto a rocking start with the surge in CEO confidence from US tax reforms, rollicking equity markets and strengthening the global economy. Healthcare digitization, democratization creating explosion in patient data, emergence of value-based reimbursement models, and healthcare consumerism shifting the risk from payers to providers have provided a strong impetus to the growth of the life sciences industry. The convergence of biopharmaceuticals, drug delivery devices, and companion diagnostics enabled by the digital connectivity is driving regulatory and commercial changes in many exciting ways for the industry. With the synergistic effect of advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data analytics, and cloud computing on the traditional life sciences industry, growth could be even faster in 2018. The paradox of the new growth rate is that its taking place even as the industry is grappling with the larger question – when will precision healthcare become a reality?

    Key Issues Addressed

    • What are the main factors that will influence the size and direction of the global life sciences industry in 2018?
    • How does the industry outlook vary from region to region?
    • What is the outlook for pharmaceutical & biotechnology and IVD & research tools in each region during 2018?
    • What technology developments in the global life sciences industry in 2017 will have an impact during 2018?
    • What will be the key growth opportunities and strategic imperatives for companies in 2018?
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