Growth Opportunities in the Global 5G Chipset (ICs) and Devices Market, Forecast to 2025
Growing Data Traffic, Proliferation of Connected Devices and Emerging Applications Provide Enormous Growth Opportunities to the 5G Chipset Market
  • Wireless telecommunication operators globally face growth challenges due to rising operating costs, and technical challenges attributed to customer acquisition and retention. To overcome the scenario, mobile network operators (MNOs) constantly invest in technology and collaborate with participants in the value chain to accelerate innovation. As a result, the 5G (fifth generation) network technology that has been in development over the past decade had progressed significantly to achieve 3GPP compliance and meet designated standards for connection reliability, data rates and latency. 5G communication technology is designed to operate in sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave (mmWave) frequency range, with a bandwidth of 100 MHz, data rates in Gbps, connection reliability of 99.99% to 99.9999% and latency in the sub-5 millisecond range.

    The core techniques that enable 5G to achieve the above benchmarks include higher baseband processing capability, massive-MIMO, beamforming and beamsteering capability of the network elements and user equipment. The realization of each of these techniques depends on advancements in semiconductors that increasingly play a significant role in the technology evolution.

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