Global Biometrics in Healthcare Market, Forecast to 2024
Digital Healthcare Systems and IoT-based Health Solutions will Spur the Uptake of Biometric Technologies
  • The global market for biometrics in healthcare is witnessing strong revenue growth, with a higher rate of adoption of electronic healthcare systems and digital tools for healthcare. The rise of a smart, connected healthcare system augurs well for the uptake of biometrics in healthcare. Worldwide adoption of electronic health records is the key marker driver for biometrics in healthcare.

    Initially, biometrics adoption in healthcare was limited to patient identification and verification use cases. However, non-traditional biometric systems (e.g., behavioral biometrics, cognitive recognition, and wearable technologies) are emerging due to the distinct advantages they provide, in terms of remote monitoring and diagnostic healthcare services. In addition, the integration of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare is promoting the shift of cloud-based healthcare systems, providing new avenues for cloud-based authentication and biometrics integration to ensure enhanced cybersecurity. Multi-modal biometrics is expected to be a growth opportunity that reinforces the adoption of biometric technology, as it ensures higher resilience to data thefts and counterfeit. Multimodality can promote biometrics as a stand-alone authentication by replacing passwords with multilayer biometric modalities.

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