Growth Opportunities in the North American Contact Center Market, Forecast to 2023
Infusion of AI is Driving Customer Contact Strategy and Development
  • New analysis from Frost & Sullivan's Information and Communications Technologies program titled Growth Opportunities in the North American Contact Center Market finds that the market for contact centers continues to increase. For cloud, the acceleration of omnichannel service delivery and digital transformation, coupled the inclusion of new technologies, such as AI, is driving future technology acquisitions and investments.The study finds that contact center service providers (CCSPs) will need to improve the Customer Experience (CX), but also improve the employee experience (EX), as the two are deeply dependent upon each other. As such, workforce engagement is also a central theme that has solution providers adding new capabilities across portfolios. This includes the addition of mobile capabilities, gamification, process automation, knoweldge database access, and guided resolution. The use of analytics to improve EX and CX is also diverse and growing.

    The market for on-premises contact center systems remains relatively flat. However, contact center analytics, quality monitoring, and recording were particular bright spots for growth, as companies seek to get the most out of their existing investments. The use of hybrid implementations is also enabling systems sales to remain relevant. The cloud market is seeing growth across all areas of customer contact, particularly in inbound contact routing and analytics.

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