Growth Opportunities in the Global Femtech Market, Forecast to 2024
The Market is Underpenetrated but has the Potential to Reach $9.4 Billion by 2024
  • Femtech is an emerging term and, as is the case with most new concepts, is poorly understood. While some relate Femtech only with products unique to the female anatomy (including consumer products), others dismiss it as just another term for a group of existing solutions. Frost & Sullivan believes it is a unique space and a place for new growth opportunities –one with the potential to cross $8 billion by 2020 and even $9 billion by 2024 (without considering the potential for cancer or pharmaceutical solutions) – if penetration and adoption of such solutions is rapid enough.


    • How is the Femtech market segmented?
    • What type of products, solutions and services exist in the Femtech market?
    • What is the potential of this market, and how penetrated is it currently in terms of revenues?
    • What are the regional and application level variations of this market?
    • Who are the key innovative players in this market?
    • What are the growth opportunities in this market?
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