FROST RADAR™: Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery in the Pharmaceutical Industry, 2020
Benchmarking Future Growth Potential

This recently released Radar determines the top 16 industry leaders excelling at innovation, poised for partnerships, and ripe for investment. The companies are recognized in the Frost Radar with insight into their innovative offerings, projected increase rates, strengths and strategies on how to be more effective in the future.

The space is crowded with at least 50 companies vying for market share, though only 16 are profiled in this Frost Radar AcuraStem Inc., AI Therapeutics, Atomwise, BenevolentAI, BERG, Biovista Inc., Cotinga Pharmaceuticals Inc., Evaxion Biotech, Exscientia Ltd., Gritstone Oncology Inc., Healx Ltd, Insilico Medicine, Lantern Pharma Inc., Pharnext, Recursion Pharmaceuticals, and TwoXAR.

Key takeaways:

  • Better understand the growth environment from the perspective of industry experts.
  • Gain insight into organizations recognized for leveraging best practices to shape the future of the industry.
  • Benefit from a comprehensive analysis of the companies plotted on the Radar.
  • Receive best practices on how the intelligence in the Radar can be leveraged by boards of directors, the CEO’s growth team, customers, and more.
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