Post-pandemic Global Healthcare Market Outlook, 2020
Stakeholders to Focus on Resource Optimization, New Growth Segments, and Cost Rationalization in a New Era of ‘Healthcare Preparedness’
  • Every year, the team of futurists, analysts, and consultants in Frost & Sullivan's Transformational Healthcare Group comes together to render a comprehensive analysis to predict the themes, technologies, and global forces that will define the next 12 to 18 months (future) for the healthcare industry. In light of the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing economic and business scenario, Frost & Sullivan has re-visited predictions and identified the top growth opportunities for companies to survive the remainder of 2020. Among the considerations:

    • Disrupted clinical trials and the subsequent delay in drug launches will pave the way for fully virtual trials, and hybridization of patient recruitment, retention, and monitoring will become pervasive.
    • An increase in point-of-care testing for infectious diseases is inevitable. With the looming change in service models, alternate testing sites such as pharmacies will become permanent ecosystem participants.
    • The supply of ventilators and critical care monitoring devices across regions has been uneven during the pandemic, but embedded analytics systems will revive the mature monitoring devices segment post-pandemic.
    • A resumption in imaging for the backlog of elective procedures in Q3 and Q4 2020 will be met by teleradiology and artificial intelligence-based solutions gaining from new investments. Scale-up in capacity, flexible payment options, and redistribution of the workload to manage deferrals will determine partnerships.
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