Emerging Technologies Driving Growth Opportunities in Ophthalmic Diagnostic and Monitoring Devices
Digital Health Technology is the Way Forward For Ophthalmic Diagnosis and Monitoring
  • This growth opportunity-technology (GO-TE) report covers the emerging technologies in ophthalmic diagnosis and monitoring and its various growth opportunities for the industry. As the prevalence of eye diseases is estimated to rise in the coming years because of the growing aging population, lifestyle changes, and increasing incidence of chronic diseases, the demand for ophthalmic diagnosis and monitoring devices is also witnessing an upsurge. Adoption of technologies such as AI, IoT and telemedicine, as well as portable devices aids in the management of the estimated overwhelming need for eye screening by increasing the operational efficiency.

    The report covers some of the recent innovations in various segments of ophthalmic diagnostic and monitoring devices. The report provides strategic recommendations to capitalize on this growing ophthalmic diagnostic and monitoring market. The research details the role of the emerging technologies in advancing the ophthalmic examination and operational efficiency. Growth opportunities for digital health-based devices, home monitoring devices and portable devices are investigated. Important investment and partnership opportunities, insights on the IP landscape and the key patents in the last five years are also discussed.

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