Sustainability and Circular Economy Transforming Global Construction Adhesives & Sealants Technologies
Development of Innovative Products That Cater to Unmet Needs Represent Key Growth Opportunities
  • The use of construction adhesives for structural and non-structural bonding on construction sites is gaining more importance due to new materials, new methods of building, and increasing time pressure. Elastic bonding technology is rising in popularity in structural adhesive applications at the global level. Moreover, in a market scenario where application times, bonding quality, and product and product application costs all simultaneously impact the choice preferences of building contractors and construction companies, product functionality innovations by manufacturers have been widening choices for end users.

    Structural adhesives, non-structural adhesives, structural sealants, and non-structural sealants are the product types in the construction adhesives and sealants market. Different applications for each of product type are discussed for all product segments. The key product types pertaining to every application area have been considered during the course of the research conducted at a global level. Applications have been quantitatively explained for all key product types along with chemistry type as well as technology type in the total construction adhesives and sealants market. All regional markets have also been broken down further into key subregions.

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