Non-performing Assets in the Indian Banking System, 2008–2018
Current Strategies and Long-term Solutions
  • This study is an analysis of the current status of the non-performing assets (NPAs) prevalent in the Indian banking system. The various measures that are being taken by the government of India to stem the surge in NPAs and the strategies and practices can serve as long-term solutions to the problem are the main questions that this study addresses.

    Key Questions this Study will Answer:

    • How has the banking setup evolved over the last 5 to 10 years?
    • What have been the areas of growth and what has been the downside?
    • What are non-performing assets?
    • What is the status of non-performing assets in the Indian banking sector?
    • What policies has the government of India adopted to curb the growth of NPAs?
    • How have countries with the same banking setup as that of India dealt with the problem?
    • What are the best possible solutions, in terms of a financial model, technology, and due diligence?
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