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Opportunity Assessment for Environmental Infrastructure in India, Forecast to 2025
  • India produces 62 million tons of waster per annum; close to 70% is collected but only 22-28% is processed. Landfills have become the third largest source of greenhouse gases in the country. With population growth, waste generation is expected to increase by 5% per annum. Population growth will also result in waste management-related challenges, and proper infrastructure will play an important role in sustainable development.

    By 2040, India’s energy demand is expected to reach 15,820 terawatt hours, and the country aims to meet it internally through the development of renewable energy centers. India’s renewable energy sector is regarded the second most attractive in the world. The country accounts for about 4% of the world’s renewable energy. Based on sources of power generation, India ranks fourth in terms of total wind power capacity and sixth in terms of solar power capacity (globally).

    Frost & Sullivan is of the opinion that a good combined effort from the public and the private sectors will help overcome the above environmental infrastructure challenges.

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