Impact of Imaging and Radiology in Value Based Care Paradigm

A panel of key opinion leaders participated in an international roundtable conference sponsored by Philips and co-led by Frost & Sullivan to evaluate strategies for improving the contribution of imaging within the value-based care environment. This white paper contains insights from in-depth interviews and discussions with these global leaders (radiologists and hospital executives), presenting their perspectives on the industry changes in radiology and imaging.

As the traditional culture of healthcare and the way people engage is being reshaped by new cultural attitudes and the pervasive adoption of digital and social media, this combination opens new possibilities for reforming behaviors, especially for the younger demographics. The objective of this white paper is to identify and analyze the potential of the key trends influencing this transition and discusses the key pain points faced by radiologists and other stakeholders. It also looks at the best practices followed by health systems in the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, and Japan which will contribute as the first step towards achieving the goals of value-based care.

Key Objectives:

  • Enabling healthcare solution providers to assess value-based imaging at various stages of healthcare delivery
  • Analyzing the pain points across the value chain by working with key opinion leaders and stakeholders at the helm of the transition to value-based care
  • Tracking regional and industry specific initiatives towards value based imaging and identifying best practices that can be replicated as well as scaled up by healthcare providers
  • An impact assessment of the best practices in the healthcare value chain and to develop a strategic roadmap for this transition by discovering short term and long term solutions
  • Identifying the perception of key stakeholders and thought leaders involved in the value chain through interactive workshops and think tanks
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