Growth Opportunities

Technology Strategies Transforming Allergy & Infectious Disease Therapy

This analysis discusses allergic and infectious diseases. It explores the potential therapeutics, drug discovery attempts, vaccines and biologics for human coronaviruses like SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, sponsors, and collaborators.

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Impact Analysis of Carbon Abatement Technologies: Growth Prospects Unveiled

The amount of CO2 generated into the atmosphere continues to increase at an alarming rate due to population growth, and expanding economies. This research discusses the need to reduce carbon emissions, and the technologies adopted.

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Innovations Fueling Growth of Improved NASH Management

Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) is a chronic liver disease. This research sheds light on the disruptive innovations in the advanced clinical pipeline for NASH treatment, potential growth areas, opportunities, and future forecasts.

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CxO Insights



A Conversation with Mark Simoncelli

With many major publications projecting that much of the S&P 500 will be replaced over the next 10 years, there is a clear call to action for organizations today. Disrupt yourself before someone else does. But how?

Common Growth Obstacles

Organizational performance is hamstrung by a combination of factors, but across industries, the following growth obstacles persist:

Limited Insight:

Failing to conduct in-depth research into new opportunities is a potentially devastating strategic mistake. Too many organizations set a strategic course for growth based on opinions instead of data. Without a deep understanding of both market and customer dynamics, poor decision-making, inferior execution, and reduced market share are likely to follow. Simoncelli points to the mistakes made by some major US retailers that entered European and UK markets without fully assessing those opportunities. According to Simoncelli, “An idea may look or feel right, but if you haven’t properly evaluated the requirements, the complexities, the competition, or what local customers really want, the business will struggle.”

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Technology Opportunity Engines


Future Growth Potential of Cybersecurity Technologies

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New Growth Hubs for Advanced Technologies in Microelectronics

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Technological Advances Enhancing Growth Prospects for Sensors

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Coating & Surface Technologies

Growth Opportunities for Advanced Coating & Surface Technologies

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Energy & Power Systems

Growth Avenues for Energy and Power Systems

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Advanced Manufacturing

Growth Prospects Powering the Future of Advanced Manufacturing

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Life Sciences

Disruptive Technologies in the Life Science, Health & Wellness Sector

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Oil & Gas

Novel Applications Accelerate Growth for Oil and Gas Technologies

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Upcoming Research

According to WHO, at least half of the world’s population cannot access even the most essential health services due to high healthcare costs. Innovations in frugal medical devices increase the availability and accessibility of quality healthcare. This comprehensive research discusses various growth opportunities and strategic recommendations for the frugally innovating local and global companies to build a sustainable market in the emerging economies.
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Autonomous and robotics technology has been undergoing major growth in recent years. This novel technology is playing a crucial role in the transformation of many key industries, including automotive, aerospace, warehouse, and logistics. This comprehensive research, Opportunities of Robotics in the Construction Industry, reviews the different robotic solutions that are impacting the construction industry.
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Press Releases

Frost & Sullivan Delivers the 50 Most Disruptive Technologies and their Global Market Potential

TechVision’s annual Top 50 Emerging Technologies research offers cutting-edge intelligence about the 50 most valuable and disruptive technologies poised to impact the world in the next 12-18 months. Initiated in 2011, this unparalleled research has expanded to include thousands of technologies spanning nine technology clusters and all types of corporate, government, academic, and research organizations worldwide.

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5G Integration in IIoT Systems Accelerates Industry 4.0 in the Wake of Pandemic, says Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Role of 5G Communication Revolutionizing Industrial Internet of Things, finds that the integration of 5G in IIoT systems will accelerate the realization of Industry 4.0 with high-speed, low-latency, and large-volume data transfer, enhancing industrial operations in connected factories.

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Frost & Sullivan Reveals Non-contact Patient Monitoring Technologies to Revolutionize Healthcare

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Advanced Non-contact Patient Monitoring Technologies: A New Paradigm in Healthcare Monitoring, reports that non-contact patient monitoring technologies are gravitating toward the use of video, sound analysis and mobile-based platforms. Contactless monitoring systems and smartphone health applications incorporating advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms are playing a vital role in the war against COVID-19.

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